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5. Mastering the DVD

5.1 Multiplex

By now, you should have assembled a script file in PPML format, encoded the video into an mpeg video file (in our example, output.m2v), and extracted the audio to a separate file (audio.ac3 in our example). The next step is to combine the audio and video tracks into a single mpeg file, using mplex from the mjpegtools suite:

mplex -f 8 -M -V -o output-%d.mpg output.m2v audio.ac3

By default, mplex will split up files into chunks that are no larger than 2GB. In the above example, the chunks will be saved as output-1.mpg, output-2.mpg, etc. This behavior is an outdated defensive tactic intended to protect against systems with inadequate support for large files. Since modern linux is not such a system, it is recommended to recombine the files into one large output.mpg file to simplify the next step:

cat output-*.mpg > output.mpg

5.2 DVD layout

Find or make a directory with lots of free space (such as /dvd), and run the following series of commands from the dvdauthor suite:

dvddirgen -o /dvd
dvdauthor -o /dvd -a ac3+ja output.mpg
dvdauthor -o /dvd -T
Replace ac3 with mp2 or pcm if your audio track is one of these formats, and replace ja with the two letter language code of the actual language used in the audio track (en for English, ja for Japanese, fr for French, de for German, and so on).

Multiple chapters

There are two ways to create a DVD having multiple chapters. The simplest is to give multiple MPEG files on the dvdauthor command line, e.g.:

dvdauthor -o /dvd -a ac3+ja output1.mpg output2.mpg output3.mpg output4.mpg
The other way is to pass a list of comma-separated H:MM:SS.SS times to dvdauthor using the --chapter flag, e.g.:
dvdauthor -o /dvd -a ac3+ja --chapter 0:24:36.52,0:48:15.98,1:12:42.10 output.mpg

5.3 DVD burning

Make an ISO filesystem:

mkisofs -dvd-video -udf -r -o /dvd.iso /dvd

and burn it using dvdrecord if you have a DVD-R drive:

dvdrecord -v -dao -speed=4 -dev=0,0,0 -driveropts=burnproof /dvd.iso

or using growisofs if you have a DVD+R drive:

dvd+rw-format -f /dev/scd0
growisofs -Z /dev/scd0=/dvd.iso

You're done. Enjoy!

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