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2. Software Installation

2.1 For divx encoding

Get the following rpms from and install them:

You will also need the ffmpeg package, consisting of the following rpms:

If you are interested in decrypting encrypted DVDs (that is, most of them), then install the libdvdcss package. Note for readers under the jurisdiction of US law: see the Legal section for an important notice regarding the legal status of libdvdcss in the United States.

For most of these programs, you also need to make a symbolic link from /dev/dvd to the actual device file that represents your DVD-ROM drive. For example, if your DVD-ROM drive is under /dev/hdc, then you need to run (as root)

ln -s /dev/hdc /dev/dvd

You may also wish to give all users read/write access to the DVD-ROM drive, so that any user can use it to read DVDs. To do this, run

chmod 666 /dev/dvd

after you have created the link in the previous step.

I also highly recommend configuring mplayer to use large fonts instead of the default fonts which are far too small to read on a TV screen:

/bin/mkdir -p ~/.mplayer/font
cp /usr/share/mplayer/iso-8859-1/arial-28/* ~/.mplayer/font

There are more fonts available at, which you can play around with to see which ones you like.

2.2 For SVCD encoding

If you are interested in creating SVCD format discs, then you will in addition to the above also need to install the following programs:

2.3 Subtitle ripping

If you want to be able to rip existing subtitles out of a DVD, you'll need:

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